Mentoring Program


KOWIN Mentoring Circle

Mentoring Committee of the KOWIN Chicago Chapter is proud to announce its very first year-round mentoring program. The purpose of the Mentoring Circle Program is to promote growing relationships and career development for Korean women professionals.

  • Each circle will consist of 8-10 women
  • Circles meet 4-6 times per year
  • Circle meetings can be either in person (if possible) and/or via a virtual platform
  • Time will be spent networking and discussing a relevant career development topic

How to join?

Upcoming Session

Check out Slides from the 2021-2022 Mentoring Circle Meetings.

10/9/2021 Kick-Off Meeting Slides

11/6/2021 Mentoring Circle #1: Roses and Thorns

1/22/2022 Mentoring Circle #2: Personal SWOT – Weaknesses

3/19/2022 Mentoring Circle #3: Personal SWOT – Threats

5/21/2022 Mentoring Circle #4: Personal SWOT – Opportunities

7/16/2022 Metnroign Circle #5: Personal SWOT- Strengths

2021-2022 Mentors List