May 21: Mentoring Circle Meeting #4

February 1: Happy Lunar New Year from KOWIN Chicago!


December 11: KOWIN Chicago Holiday Networking Event

November 19: 2021-2023 Officers’ Visit to Consulate General’s Office

October 9: Mentoring Circle Kick-Off Meeting

  • Septebmer 27: KOWIN Showcase 2021 featured on the KOWINNER Newsletter Fall Issue
  • Septebmer 18: KOWIN Fun Committee’s Chuseok Sonpyeon Drive

  • September 15: Promoting Racial Equity: Understanding TEAACH ACT in Illnois

    • August 30-31: The 20th KOWIN Conference in Korea – “Congratulations to Jinwha Suh for receiving 여성가족부 장관상!”
    • August 7: KOWIN Chicago Showcase 2021
    • May 28: Virtual Baby Shower for Jennifer Kil
    • March – June: Small Group Dinner Gathering at President Jane’s Home


    • November 20: KOWIN CKWF Annual Meeting
    • November 7: Chicago Hope 2020 Scholars Award Ceremony
    • October – November: Brunch with President Jane
    • September 27: Chuseok Songpyun Drive
    • September 26: “It’s A Verb, Not A Noun: Choose to Lead” Virtual Leadership Seminar with Professor Linda Ginzel from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    • September 8: KOWIN Chicago Mask Donation to Hanul Family Alliance
    • August 28: KOWIN Beautity Talk with Besties
    • July 19: KOWIN Chicago Photo Essay Contest
    • February 22: KOWIN Movie Saturday


    • December 4: KOWIN Holiday Party
    • November 22: Luncheon with Consulate General of the Republic of Korea.
    • October 25: Second Mentoring Campus Visit – Oakton Community College
    • October 11-12: KOWIN NY Chapter Eastern Regional Conference
    • October 5: KOWIN Retreat “Relax Refresh Recharge”
    • September 18: General Meeting followed by dinner at San Soo Gap San
    • August 30: Third KOWIN – Jeju Network
    • August 27-29: 19th KOWIN conference in Cheongju City
    • August 27: 제 19회 여성가족부 장관 표창장 수상자 – 박이혜련
    • August 21: Mundelein Library Korean Food Cooking Demonstration
    • August 10: Participated in Youth Leadership Conference hosted by the Korean Women’s Association of Chicago at the Korean Cultural Center
    • May 29: Sharing Korean culture at the Korean Cultural Center
    • May 26: Naomi’s wedding at the O’Hare Westin.

    • May 01: KOWINNER Convention in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    • April 15: Interview process for the fourth Annual Chicago Korean Women’s Scholarship Awardees
    • March 26: First mentoring campus visit at Oakton Community College
    • March 16: Naomi’s Bridal Shower at Myong’s home.
    • March 14: 진선미 한국 여성 가족부 장관 주최 간담회 및 디너 at Giordano’s Magnificent Mile.
    • February 6: General Meeting


    • June 9: 2018 KOWIN Networking and Mentoring Luncheon
    • March 11: Taste of Korea – We partnered up with the Chicago Children’s Museum to celebrate Korean culture through their Heart and Seoul: Growing Up in Korea exhibit. This exhibit allows children to experience different aspects of Korean culture, from paper crafting to learning about dol, the traditional celebration of the first birthday. KOWIN members conducted a cooking demonstration and assisted over 100 participants in rolling kimbap. All visitors had a chance to enjoy the deliciously prepared and popular Korean picnic food.
    • February 24: 35th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration – KOWIN members attended the Asian American Coalition of Chicago’s Annual Lunar New Year Celebration to support the Korean American Association of Chicago who hosted this year’s event. This year’s theme was “Be United, Stay Together” where Asian American groups from all over Chicagoland gathered together to proudly represent their culture and kick off the Lunar New Year.


    KOWIN 2017 Conference 02 - Day Program




    KOWIN Mentoring Luncheon_June 13 2015 in a new tab)

    Keynote: Myung Lee
    Panelist: Irene Sohn
    Keynote Q&A
    Panelist: Jenny Lee
    Panelist: Kathy Ku
    Panelist: Juliana Chyu
    Panelist: Eliza Shin
    Panel discussion


    News Magazine Overview
    Panelist: Jenny Lee
    Interview workshop
    Moderator: Susie An
    Panelist: Lucy Park
    Panelist: Myong Chung
    Panel Q & A

    Panelist: Jeanah Park
    Resume workshop


    • 2013 KOWIN Networking and Mentoring Luncheon
    • 2nd Oral History Forum:  Exploring the Stories of 1.5 Generation


    • 2012 KOWIN Networking and Mentoring Luncheon


    • 2011 KOWIN Networking and Mentoring Luncheon
    • 2011 KOWIN US Eastern Regional Leadership Conference
    • Donation of Trailblazers DVD to Northside College Prep
    • Korean American Nurses in Illinois and Their Stories


    • 2010 KOWIN Networking and Mentoring Luncheon
    • Community Service Clinic
    • Minister Hee Young Paik’s Visit (백희영 장관  초청 간담회)